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Empowering fleet owners to take control of their climate impact by helping drivers minimize CO2 emissions and safely return home to their loved ones each day

Mentor by eDrivingSM strengthens its commitment to helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint by up to 20% with the launch of EcoDrive powered by Greater Than. An optional add-on in the Mentor smartphone app, EcoDrive powered by Greater Than:

  • Utilizes unique pattern-AI technology trained through over 7 billion real-world trips to accurately identify a driver’s environmental impact in near real-time;
  • Enables precise identification of a driver’s environmental impact in percentage terms, as well as grams of CO2 saved or consumed;
  • Provides uniform measurement of environmental impact, enabling evaluation of drivers’ eco performance regardless of vehicle type, fuel used, or location;
  • Helps organizations more accurately report on their ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) initiatives and CO2 emissions and savings.



Proven Impact

eDriving’s smartphone-based Mentor program identifies and remediates drivers’ risky, less eco-friendly habits behind the wheel with 300+ micro-training lessons, coaching, and gamification, achieving up to an 89% reduction in risky driver behavior over 18 months. Shown to decrease CO2 emissions by up to 20%, EcoDrive powered by Greater Than will be available in eDriving’s flagship Mentor business solutions, as well as Mentor Defender, eDriving’s newest app for individuals and family members.


ESG reporting made easy

Emissions in % and grams

Uniformity and transparency

Up to 20% reduction in CO2 emissions

Enhanced sustainability efforts

Greater ownership of climate impact

Real-time environmental impact and fuel consumption

Industry-leading AI analysis

Seamless integration in app

Gold standard driver privacy protection

Validation over 7 billion miles

eDriving + Greater Than =
A Powerful Partnership

Greater Than’s eco scoring is yet another example of how eDriving’s Mentor ecosystem brings together the best of the best into one world-class solution focused on driver risk management, safety, and sustainability. FICO’s Safe Driving Score, Sfara’s Collision Detection, Bosch’s Emergency Response Services, and now Greater Than’s Eco Scoring continue to evolve and sustain Mentor’s unique value proposition supporting the world’s largest enterprise organizations. An effective partnership driven by a shared vision of helping drivers return home safely at the end of each day and keep the world moving forward in a sustainable way.


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