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A powerful partnership to support drivers in their time of need


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Mentor by eDriving further extends its commitment to helping drivers return home safely to their loved ones at the end of each day with the introduction of Emergency Response Services powered by Sfara & Bosch.


Precision Crash Detection

Up to 50 million crash-related injuries occur worldwide each year1, often leaving drivers stranded or worse, unconscious and unable to call for help when every minute counts. Up to 40 percent of people will be trapped in their vehicle2.

Now, Automatic Crash Detection, built into Mentor, protects your employees and contractors 24/7 from such circumstances should a crash occur while driving for work purposes. Sfara’s patented, fully smartphone-based technology detects collisions and triggers a voice call to the driver from the Bosch Emergency Center serving over 50 countries and handling more than 1.7 million emergency calls globally each year. In the case of no response from the driver or confirmation of an emergency, event information will be relayed to local emergency services for immediate dispatch of help to the scene. Approved contacts in a driver’s Mentor Emergency Profile (e.g., next of kin, employer, etc.) will also be notified.

Advanced Personal Safety

The Personal SOS feature, powered by Sfara and Bosch, allows an employee or contractor to silently initiate an emergency call while
driving, delivering goods from their vehicle, walking, or riding public transportation – whenever they feel unwell or concerned their personal safety is threatened. With three flexible ways to silently activate the feature, one can:

  • Press the SOS button, when the phone is in hand
  • Set a timer, of any length, to trigger a call by Bosch’s Emergency Center, thereby creating a virtual “safety net” while performing potentially dangerous tasks.

Once again, in the case of no response from the driver or active confirmation of an emergency, event information will be relayed to the emergency services for the immediate dispatch of help to the scene.

Industry-leading Accuracy and Reliability

Sfara’s smartphone “sensor fusion” technology combines data from the smartphone’s sensors and employs native artificial intelligence (AI) “trained” through thousands of accidents and near-misses to ensure the highest level of accurate event detection available. Sophisticated AI algorithms weed out “false positives”, such as potholes, slammed doors, and/or curb hits, over 99% of the time, ensuring critical personnel will be summoned only for true emergencies. Bosch’s fully redundant global IT network ensures that more than 1.7 million incoming calls successfully and quickly reach their agents each year – because time matters!

1Global Road Safety Partnership

2A comparison of the demographics, injury patterns and outcome data for patients injured in motor vehicle collisions who are trapped compared to those patients who are not trapped | Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine | Full Text (

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