First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

Incident reporting from the palm of your hand

Research has shown that if a fleet can start the claims process with their insurance partner in under 30 days, the total claims cost can be reduced by up to 40 percent. FNOL enables drivers to initiate the claims process immediately, from the scene of the collision or incident.

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Benefits of Integrated Incident Reporting

Improved causation analysis. Recalling specific details begins to diminish within a few minutes after drivers leave the scene of a crash/incident. Understanding the root cause requires accurate facts. Delays in completing accident report forms can be minimized by the use of a mobile reporting device at the accident scene.

Connected professional coaching. FNOL information flows directly to our Professional Coaching process. eDriving’s experienced coaches use this information to help drivers understand there is almost always something you can do to help prevent a crash even if the other driver involved is at fault.

Integrated risk scoring. Each FNOL-reported incident flows directly into eDriving’s DriverINDEX® where it is scored and aggregated with other driver events.

Faster repair & claims processing. FNOL’s electronic transfer of information and photographs from the accident scene helps speed vehicle repair and claims processing, minimizing vehicle down time and reducing overall claims cost.

Improved benchmarking and analytics. True benchmarking measures year-over-year experience but can be hampered by inaccurate crash descriptions and codes. FNOL helps reduce “data clean-up work” usually associated with the benchmarking exercise.

FNOL is offered as a standalone app, FNOL by eDriving, available for download on both Apple and Android devices, and is incorporated as a feature in eDriving’s award-winning, smartphone-based driver behavior improvement program, Mentor by eDrivingSM.