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Welcome to Mentor Defender, an all-in-one driver safety smartphone app designed to keep you and your family members safe 24/7 by helping you understand risky driving behaviours that could one day get you in trouble – and helping you address them BEFORE they do!

But Defender is MORE than just a safe driving app. It also shows the location of loved ones in your Circle at any time, providing reassurance that they have reached their destination safely. And if ever needed, Defender will be there for your loved ones in the event of a collision or personal emergency by providing Emergency Response Services powered by Sfara and Bosch.


Mentor Defender offers
life-saving and life-changing features

Coaching and Tips

Learn from over 300 bite-sized, interactive videos, ongoing motivational tips, trending insights, and benchmarking to help you continually improve your behaviour behind the wheel.

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Emergency Response Services

With Defender’s automatic crash detection and personal SOS feature, crashes or personal emergencies inside or outside the vehicle will result in a call AND dispatch of emergency assistance, as needed, from one of Bosch’s call centres around the world serving more than 50 countries.

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Meet Eddie

Eddie is your safe driving buddy and co-pilot on each trip. Watch this video to learn more about how he can help get you home safely at the end of each day.

FICO® Safe Driving Score

This driver behaviour industry standard monitors and scores those behaviours that are most likely to result in a collision – specifically, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and mobile phone distraction – and provides feedback after EVERY trip.

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Linked to your FICO® Safe Driving Score, the ECO icon on the dashboard shows you just how eco-friendly your driving is and reminds you that smooth, defensive driving IS eco-driving.

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Circles and Location Finder

Set up groups of friends and family to encourage accountability, competition and fun. And with permission, you can view Circle members’ locations on a map AT ANY TIME for ultimate peace of mind, knowing they’ve reached their destination safely.

Note: Location data will NEVER be sold under any circumstance.

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Road Warrior. Hall of Famer. 850 Club Member. Earn these badges and more while collecting points to redeem for rewards. Compete within your Circles for ‘Champion’ status!

Why Defender?

Unlike location tracking or basic driver safety apps, Defender is a complete solution designed to keep you and your family members safe 24/7.
Proven reduction of collisions, incidents, injuries
Peace of mind from 24 x 7 emergency support
Family Circle location tracking (with approval)
Validated driver scoring to predict likelihood of a crash
Sustained driver behaviour change backed by results
Reduced speeding events – by up to 82%
Reduced distraction/phone use events – by up to 57%
Reduced emissions; increased eco-driving
Best-in-class driver privacy protection
Deep, respected expertise of eDriving & its partners

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