Pioneering a New Approach

Looking to improve the profitability of your commercial auto lines?  Frustrated with the lack of results from pricing or technology solutions alone?

Partner with eDriving to address the profitability issue from a different perspective, attacking the real issue – losses – head-on. Risk Managed Insurance by eDriving (RMI) uses sophisticated techniques to identify the scope of the risk, and subsequently deploys state-of-the-art risk mitigation tools to reduce collisions, incidents, injuries and near-misses. The combination of clearly identified exposures and reduced losses, in conjunction with accurate pricing, can dramatically improve performance at both the customer and portfolio levels.

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Benefits of Risk Managed Insurance by eDriving
  • Improved profitability at the portfolio, business segment, and customer levels
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced claims
  • State-of-the-art technology and predictive modeling
  • Dramatically deeper insights
  • Measurement and benchmarking at customer, business segment, and portfolio levels
  • Minimal impact on internal resources
  • No interference with legacy systems
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