Mentor Defender

Driver risk management for ALL employees and their families

For 25 years we’ve been working with organizations globally to ensure that everyone who drives for work purposes returns home safely at the end of every day. Now, we’re expanding our reach with our latest Mentor solution, MENTOR DEFENDER, that can be used by drivers outside of an enterprise-wide fleet safety program.


Who’s This For?

A new tailored version of our award-winning Mentor smartphone app designed especially for:

  • ALL EMPLOYEES, not just those driving for work purposes
  • FAMILY MEMBERS, particularly inexperienced drivers between the ages of 16-21
  • PARTNERS & CUSTOMERS, who are part of your eco-system and whose safety and well-being matters to you and your employees


Mentor Defender Benefits

✓ Reduced collisions, incidents, injuries, license violations

✓ Peace of mind from 24 x 7 emergency support and family/Circle location tracking (with approval)

✓ Sustained driver behavior change backed by results

✓ Reduced speeding events – by up to 85%

✓ Reduced distraction/phone use events – by up to 88%

✓ Reduced emissions; increased eco-driving

✓ Professor Eddie’s insights, tips, and support

✓ Driver privacy protection

✓ Ability to save on insurance premiums

✓ Deep, respected expertise of eDriving & its partners

Introducing Eddie

Professor Eddie will be your drivers’ partner on their safe driving journey with Mentor Defender. He’s here to help them get home safely at the end of each day! He’ll review your drivers’ performance and suggest tips and provide coaching to help them become safer drivers. And, with so many powerful features in Mentor Defender, Eddie will be available 24 x 7 to answer questions and help them get the most from it.

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Engaging, Life-Saving Features


Coaching and Tips

300+ micro-training modules available in 25+ languages provide drivers with a solid foundation, as well as address individual risk patterns.

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Emergency Response Services

With Defender’s automatic crash detection and personal SOS feature, crashes or personal emergencies inside or outside the vehicle will result in a call AND dispatch of emergency assistance, as needed, from one of Bosch’s call centers around the world serving more than 50 countries.

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FICO® Safe Driving Score

Through eDriving’s partnership with industry analytics leader FICO®, drivers receive an individual FICO® Safe Driving Score validated to predict the likelihood of a driver being involved in a crash or incident.

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Linked to a driver’s FICO® Safe Driving Score, the ECO icon on the Mentor dashboard shows drivers just how eco-friendly their driving is and reminds them that smooth, defensive driving IS eco-driving.

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Location Finder

Promotes friendly competition, fun, and accountability by enabling drivers to set up groups in which they can see friends’ and family members’ progress/scores, and use emojis and chat functionality to send motivational messages. And, with permission, Circles’ “Location Finder” feature can be used to view the location of loved ones on a map at ANY time for ultimate peace of mind, knowing they’ve reached their destination safely.

Note: Location data will NEVER be sold under any circumstance.

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Mentor Rewards

Drivers can earn badges and collect points to redeem for rewards – a great way to keep drivers engaged and committed to continuous improvement!

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Personal Insurance Savings

Drivers can leverage their FICO® Safe Driving Score for savings on personal insurance available through well-known insurance providers, with assurance their privacy will be protected throughout the process.

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Mentor Defender – helping ALL drivers return home safely after every trip.


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