Exclusive Preview: eDriving Game-Changing Product Launch

Did you know that 20-50 million crash-related injuries occur worldwide each year*, often leaving drivers stranded or worse, unconscious and unable to call for help when every minute counts?

Watch for an exciting preview of Mentor features recently launched or coming in Q4 to help get every team member, and their families home safe every night, including:

  • Mentor’s integrated Emergency Rapid Response Services powered by Sfara and Bosch, with automatic crash recovery and personal SOS services designed to assist your drivers in their hour of need
  • Mentor Insight, a new telematics-free version of Mentor
  • Mentor Defender, designed to extend Mentor’s core benefits to your drivers’ families and ALL your employees
  • EcoDrive, a new Mentor dashboard indicator that shows drivers how eco-friendly their driving is
  • Insurance Savings Options – the ability to request insurance quotes from within the Mentor app and leverage defensive driving habits for insurance savings

*Global Road Safety Partnership