Risk Managed Insurance

Comprehensive driver risk management designed for insurance

Risk Managed Insurance by eDriving (RMI) brings together our comprehensive toolkit of loss control measures, our award-winning telematics app, Mentor, and eDriving’s global Crash-Free Culture® program into one tailored solution for the insurance value chain.

A comprehensive loss control program.

RMI is an ecosystem of tools and services designed to develop risk insights AND prompt action on those insights to reduce losses. RMI provides insurers and brokers with an in-depth and constantly updated understanding of portfolio risk, and offers end customers the latest technology combined with proven behavior change methodology to reduce risk BEFORE losses happen.

Loss Control & Analytics
  • Risk Managed Insurance by eDriving is a comprehensive loss control program focused on the components that affect insurance profitability.
  • RMI provides an in-depth and constantly updated understanding of portfolio risk using technology and a patented, proven behavior change methodology to reduce customer risk BEFORE losses happen.
  • Our analytics and reporting integrate seamlessly with existing systems’ data sets enabling faster, better informed decision making.
Mentor® Smartphone App
  • eDriving’s award-winning, smartphone-based telematics app includes insurance-focused features, such as Mentor TSP (integrates telematics data from other providers), event reporting, and crash reconstruction.
  • Mentor helps identify and remediate risky driver behavior through its FICO® Safe Driving Score predictive of crash risk, as well as micro-training, coaching, and gamification.
  • New features include Mentor TAG with CrashPACK, EcoDrive rating, and Emergency Rapid Response Services (crash detection & Personal SOS) powered by Sfara and Bosch.
Crash-Free Culture®
  • RMI includes eDriving’s Crash-Free Culture® program used by Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. We enable a closed-loop approach to produce sustainable driver behavior change while reducing collisions, injuries, license violations, and total cost of fleet ownership.
  • Sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions is an important focus of our program.
  • Our EcoDrive icon helps drivers remember that safe defensive driving IS eco-driving.
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