Of the 37 percent of Canadian drivers who admit to using a mobile phone while driving, a third (31 percent) say they feel compelled to text or call while driving because of family obligations that require constant attention.

That’s according to Travelers Canada, which has carried out a survey of over 900 Canadian drivers, conducted online by The Harris Poll.

Of those that admitted driving distracted, 27 percent said they did so because they did not want to miss something important and 14 percent said they always wanted to be available for work.

The findings have been released to coincide with the launch of the Travelers Institute’s distracted driving educational campaign, Every Second Matters.

“The findings suggest that drivers are feeling the pressures of our increasingly connected world, and high awareness of the law does not necessarily translate to prudent behaviours behind the wheel,” said Jordan Solway, Group General Counsel and Vice President of Claim at Travelers Canada. “Through the Travelers Institute and the Every Second Matters campaign, we hope to introduce a sense of urgency for drivers to set their phones and other distractions aside to help make our roads safer.”