Friday, June 1 marks the beginning of National Safety Month.

The annual National Safety Council (NSC) campaign raises awareness of the everyday safety risks facing Americans and offers tips and resources to reduce harm. This year’s theme, No One Gets Hurt, is intended to help people understand that doing just one small thing – wearing a seat belt, wiping up a spill, taking a First Aid class, or attending a car seat check, for example – can mitigate significant risks.

This year, building owners in Chicago are lighting some of the city’s most iconic properties green from June 3-10 in observance of the campaign.

“Chicago is literally lighting the way for safety,” said NSC President and CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman. “During National Safety Month we bring attention to preventable deaths and efforts to ensure that No One Gets Hurt on our roadways, in our workplaces or anywhere in between. We are proud that our ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ is leading that charge.”

For the first time in United States history, “accidents” are the third leading cause of death, trailing only heart disease and cancer.

Both the public and employers are encouraged to observe National Safety Month, which is divided into four weekly themes. Driving is the theme for week four.

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