The number of people killed on Australian roads has decreased marginally, while the number of motorcyclists killed has increased by almost 5%, according to the Australian Automobile Association (AAA).

In the 12 months to June 2017, there were 1,241 fatalities on Australian roads, a small decrease from 1,258 for the same period last year. Motorcyclist fatalities increased from 229 to 240.

The statistics were revealed in the AAA’s Benchmarking the Performance of the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) report. The report, which tracks progress against the NRSS target of reducing road deaths by at least 30% by 2020 finds that a reduction in the annual road toll of 13% has so far been delivered.

A national inquiry has been called for by the AAA to understand what is causing more than 1,200 people to lose their lives on Australian roads each year, and around 800 per week to be seriously injured.