The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Minister for Road Safety, Shane Rattenbury, have launched a new campaign in support of safer vehicle choices.

The campaign is aimed at the most at-risk road users – younger drivers, aged 17 to 29 years, and older drivers aged 65 years and over – to raise awareness of the benefits of newer, safer cars.

“We tend to see our most at-risk drivers in the most at-risk vehicles,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, James Goodwin. “Younger drivers are less experienced and over-represented in vehicle crashes and injury statistics, yet it is common for them to be driving older, cheaper models which lack important safety features available in more modern cars. “This campaign urges young people, and their parents, to talk about the benefits of being in the safest vehicle they can afford.”

Mr Goodwin added that while it is great to see seniors more mobile than ever, they too are often in some of the oldest and less safe vehicles on the road.

“Encouraging older drivers into safer vehicles is just as important as they are at greater risk of death or serious injury in a crash due to their increased fragility,” he said. The campaign poses the question, “What’s your ANCAP?” encouraging all road users to check the ANCAP safety rating of their current or prospective car. Campaign assets are available for download from: