Could backing into your driveway become illegal in Jacksonville?

Florida, United States: A proposed bill before Jackson City Council would make it illegal for people to back into their driveways unless their licence place information was clearly visible from the street. reports that the proposed bill aims to crack down on the visual blight that occurs when vehicle owners store cars that don’t work on their property.

Those in favour say it’s needed because city code enforcement inspectors face problems cracking down on abandoned vehicles because they need to get the license plate information in order to write a citation. If they cannot see the tags from the street because the car is backed in, they cannot go onto private property to get a closer look at the front of the vehicle.

The bill filed by City Councilman Warren Jones says that if a vehicle’s tag isn’t visible from the street, the owner must write down that information with 2-inch tall letters and post it in a location that inspectors can easily see from the street.

The bill also says that if an owner puts a cover over the vehicle, the license tag must either be visible or the tag information must be posted.