A survey conducted by the Automobile Association (AA) South Africa has found that almost 90 percent of South African motorists believe compliance with the laws of the road has worsened over the past two years.

Additionally, 75 percent of people also believe the attitude of motorists towards one another has deteriorated over this period.

Conducted in April, the results of the survey form part of ongoing research by the AA into driving conditions, driver attitudes, and driver behaviour on the country’s roads. Just under 1,000 people were polled.

“These results are actually quite breath-taking as they seem to indicate, once again, that most motorists believe the problems on South African roads are someone else’s fault. Given our country’s high Easter road fatality rate, this attitude implies not enough motorists are taking responsibility for their actions, which is worrying,” the AA noted.

According to the results, just over 55 percent of motorists nationally believe visible policing on roads has also declined, with only 13 percent of respondents saying they think it has improved since 2015.