The DVSA has launched a consultation on whether to allow candidates to take their A2 motorcycle test on motorcycles with a cylinder capacity as low as 245cc.

The law specifies the type of vehicle that a candidate can use for their driving or riding test. This is known as the minimum test vehicle (MTV) requirement.

The MTV is specified for each test category so that candidates take their test in an appropriate vehicle. The test pass will allow them to drive or ride any vehicle in that category, unless the driver’s licence carries restrictions.

“To reflect changing vehicle types and engine technologies the regulations on MTVs occasionally need to be reviewed and changed,” stated the DVSA. “There are now many motorcycles with a smaller engine that produces enough power to put them in the A2 category.

The A2 category of motorcycle must:

  • not be derived from a vehicle of more than double its power
  • have power output up to 35kW
  • have a power-to-weight ratio up to 0.2kW/kg

This proposal would not change the licence category. It proposes reducing the MTV for A2 motorcycle tests to 245cc so that it includes ‘250cc’ motorcycles that produce enough power for the category. Candidates could then take their A2 test on a lighter motorcycle.

The consultation will close at 11:45pm on 22 March 2021.

View the consultation.