eDriving has announced that it is partnering with CEPA International to distribute the flagship MentorSM for Business app across Mexico, Central and South America.

Mentor is the first, patented, “closed loop” smartphone telematics solution for fleet drivers that measures and scores driving behavior and delivers tailored driver training straight to smartphones, tablets and computers.

eDriving has partnered with FICO®, the industry analytics leader, to generate the FICO Safe Driving Score based on the results of using Mentor.

In addition to data capture, analysis and scoring, Mentor prescribes a “playlist” of engaging interactive training interventions, as well as tips, reminders and progress reports customized for each driver based on his or her on-road performance. To expand its availability to drivers in the U.S. and abroad, eDriving has developed Spanish and Portuguese versions of the Mentor App.

CEPA International, which has been in operation for 30 years, specializes in motor vehicle crash control and risk management programs, with training programs developed for domestic and multinational companies with small, medium and large automotive fleets. CEPA has offices in Mexico as well as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia, and operates in all of LATAM.

As part of the partnership, CEPA will distribute Mentor to its 1M+ fleet drivers in Mexico, Central and South America.

“We are proud to work with CEPA to distribute Mentor to drivers in Mexico, Central and South America. CEPA is a world-class company that works with some of the largest fleet operators in the world to improve driving skills and reduce needless highway deaths,” said Ed Dubens, EVP eDriving Fleet.

“Our mission, like CEPA’s, is to save lives by helping drivers learn how to be more attentive and avoid risks behind the wheel. We are excited about the opportunities our new partnership brings, which will let us expand the global reach of our breakthrough Mentor solution.”

Rosina Cammarota, CEO of CEPA International, said: “Since 1987, our engineers, technicians and experts have been working to improve highway safety throughout Latin America, and we have found Mentor brings a great deal of value to our clients. Mentor’s closed loop solution is unlike any other tool available, and it will help our clients improve the driving skills and traffic safety knowledge and awareness of fleet drivers in these countries.”