A Facebook video featuring the cast of the television show Summer Break has gone viral after it was released as part of a distracted driving campaign.

The emotional video starts light-hearted, with the cast of the show admitting to sometimes using their cell phones while driving, including to text and Snapchat.

The young actors are then introduced to Jacy Good, who lost both her parents and was herself permanently injured in a crash involving a distracted driver. She spent two months in hospital fighting for life and had to learn to walk and speak again.

Jacy was being driven home from her college graduation ceremony by her parents when her family’s station wagon was hit head-on.

In the video, tears flow down the faces of the young drivers as they listen to Jacy’s story and vow never again to use a phone while driving.

It has been viewed almost seven million times and shared over 150,000 times. It was created for telecommunications company AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign.

View the video.