The European Parliament’s Transport Committee is calling for new cars to be fitted with life-saving technologies including automated emergency braking, intelligent speed assistance and intelligent seatbelt reminders in all seats as standard.

In a non-binding resolution responding to a report by the European Commission, “Saving Lives: Boosting Car Safety in the EU”, adopted in Brussels, the Committee said “more effective measures” are needed, in order to reach a goal of “no fatalities”.

Mandatory safety standards for new cars sold on the European market have not been updated since 2009. In the last round of updates automated emergency braking became mandatory for new lorries. Electronic stability control and seatbelt reminders in the driver’s seat became a requirement for cars.

“Improving minimum vehicle safety standards is one of the most effective ways of reducing death and serious injury on our roads,” said Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council. “Making these proposed technologies mandatory could have as big an impact on safety as the seat belt. But the latest safety upgrades are long overdue. We welcome the strong position taken today by MEPs on this issue and hope it encourages the European Commission to get on with the job of making these proposals become a reality.”

The Committee is calling for new legislation to be proposed by the European Commission no later than the first quarter of next year.