A distracted driving experiment has been carried out which studied traffic on the I-95 in South Florida for 20 minutes and singled out every distracted driver.

The SR22 Agency recorded rush-hour traffic during one afternoon to tally the number of distracted drivers. In 20 minutes of filming, 2,151 cars drove past and in 185 of those cars (more than 8 per cent) the drivers were distracted.

Of the distracted drivers, the majority were talking on the phone. Texting was the next-most common issue, followed by eating. Other distractions included looking at occupants of other vehicles, reaching for something in the backseat, staring in the mirror and applying makeup.

In Florida – where the study took place – it is not illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving.
To view the full results of the experiment, as well as more information on driving while distracted, visit the SR22 Agency distracted driving experiment website.