Halloween is an exciting time for children, but it’s also a time for adults to be extra vigilant on the roads.

Tragically, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Dark clothes, masks which obscure vision and crossing roads improperly are just some of the reasons for an increase in collisions between vehicles and pedestrians on October 31.

Follow these tips to help avoid unwanted scares this Halloween:


  • Decrease speed and don’t pass stopped vehicles that may be unloading trick-or-treaters
  • Take care when entering and exiting driveways and alleys
  • Always use your turn signals and communicate with eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers if possible
  • Yield to children—remember they may dart in the road because they don’t see you or don’t know how to cross the street
  • Focus! Don’t even think of picking up your mobile phone while driving
  • If going to a Halloween party, stay sober. Designate a driver, use a taxi or stay the night if drinking.

Parents of trick-or-treaters:

  • Supervise young children
  • Put on hazard lights if dropping off or picking up your children
  • Choose costumes that are bright and reflective. Make sure that shoes fit well and that costumes are not a trip hazard
  • Consider adding reflective tape to costumes or trick-or-treat bags to increase visibility
  • Choose face-paint instead of masks, which can obstruct a child’s vision
  • Set a good example – use well-lit streets, cross at designated places and stay on the sidewalk
  • Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries
  • If older children are going out alone, agree a route beforehand