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Here are the most recent headlines that have really captured our attention. Let us know what you think.


Driver Caught At 140mph With Child Passenger
(Sky News, March 24, 2015)
Driving at 140mph is shocking enough – but more so when there is a six-year-old passenger in the vehicle.


Driver distracted by Kindle unharmed after accident
(Brattleboro Reformer, March 24, 2015)
A New York woman drove her vehicle off the roadway while driving at 65-70mph after becoming distracted by her falling Kindle.


Pictured: Man who fell asleep at the wheel of his car on a busy motorway – and could not be woken by horrified fellow drivers
(Mail Online, March 24, 2015)
Have you ever seen a driver fast asleep at the wheel – on a motorway? One motorist took a video of a driver asleep in his car on one of Australia’s busiest freeways.


Woman ‘king hits’ cab driver for refusing to take her up a driveway
(The Northern Advocate, March 24, 2015)
This shocking news story reveals that a taxi driver in New Zealand was ‘king hit’ by a 50-year-old female passenger for refusing to drop her off up a driveway in the middle of the night.


Video: Dangerous disco driver films himself dancing at the wheel to blaring LMFAO
(Daily Record, March 23 2015)
It’s not surprising that this video of a workman filming himself as he dances to music at the wheel is set to appear on a website of Scotland’s worst drivers.


Jail for danger driver who claimed he was a kidnap victim
(The Northern Echo, March 19, 2015)
We’ve all heard of drivers making up excuses for their actions, but this could be a new one. A disqualified driver who outran police during a 1am pursuit claimed it couldn’t have been him – because he had been kidnapped.


‘I said that phone would kill her’: One mother’s tragic distracted driving loss
(CTV News, March 19, 2015)
A woman whose daughter died in a car crash moments after posting a message to Facebook said she hoped her story would serve as a warning to others about the dangers of distracted driving.


Motorist enjoys lucky escape after being left dangling over 30 FOOT drop
(Express, March 16, 2015)
One driver had a lucky escape after he crashed his vehicle and was left dangling over a 30 foot drop.


Shocking video of a motorcyclist tearing through Surrey’s Guildford mall
(Vancouver Desi, March 13, 2015)
The Vancouver Desi posted a shocking video – released on LiveLeak – showing the pursuit of a rogue motorcyclist riding through streets, pedestrian walkways and even down a mall escalator.