The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has introduced a new pedestrian spokesperson, Ken Walker.

An enthusiastic puppet presenter, Ken delivers humorous road safety messages through a series of webisodes and digital content called “Walk this way”.

MAC acting general manager, road safety, Matt Hanton said pedestrian safety is an important issue that is often overlooked by the general public.

“The road safety focus is more frequently on driving-related safety issues, but dozens of South Australian pedestrians are killed or seriously injured each year on our roads.

This year to date, four pedestrians have been killed and 41 seriously injured, up from 28 at the same time last year.

“With a total of 50 pedestrians seriously injured in 2015 it is alarming to see that we have already reached 41 serious injuries, a significant increase from this time last year,” said Mr Hanton.

Research shows vulnerable pedestrians such as the young or old, are highly at risk, while inattention and intoxication are also big contributing factors.

“All kinds of people share the roads, so it was important this campaign had broad public appeal that crosses generational barriers while still focusing on the important issues that impact pedestrian safety.

“Phrases such as ‘redonk-a-donk’ and ‘oopsybum’ feature throughout the spoof style clips which will hopefully grab the attention of the general public and leave a resonating road safety message.

“The humorous approach of ‘Walk this Way with Ken Walker’ and short quick content will suit social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube,” said Mr Hanton.