• A new survey from Kanetix.ca shows Canadians’ bad driving habits haven’t changed much in three years
  • Canadians may have a reputation for being polite, but it appears this is not the case behind the wheel
  • 76 per cent of Canadians admit to at least one bad driving behaviour, down slightly (three per cent) from 2012, when Kanetix.ca first conducted this study

A survey carried out by Kanetix.ca found 76 per cent of Canadians admit to at least one aspect of bad driving behaviour.

Speeding remains the most confessed offence. Fifty-eight per cent of Canadians admitted driving above the speed limit, though this also saw a decrease of about two per cent from an earlier survey in 2012.

Despite marginal improvements, bad driving behaviours remain largely unchanged from three years ago. The only habit that saw a significant drop was the use of profanity out of frustration with traffic or delays, which fell from 39 per cent to 31 per cent, an interesting observation considering traffic congestion is generally increasing across Canada.

Cursing at other drivers also dropped, albeit only by two percent. The difference was made up by an increase in displaying hostile hand gestures and excessively honking at other drivers.

Small numbers of Canadians also admitted to chasing and tailgating other vehicles (seven per cent), getting out of their vehicles to confront another driver (two per cent), physically confronting another driver (one per cent), and intentionally bumping another car (one per cent).

Approximately one in five Canadians claim they are perfect drivers.