Memorial Day weekend traditionally marks the start of summer in the United States. Last year, travel was an at all-time low due to the pandemic, but this year – with tens of millions of people fully vaccinated and travel confidence increasing – a much busier weekend is expected.

This Memorial Day, eDriving is highlighting its new “Triple Threat” campaign to help drivers and their families stay safe on the roads during the holiday period.

The “Triple Threat” highlights the dangers of Speeding, Distraction and Fatigue: three huge risk factors for drivers today.

Visit the Speeding Resource Center
Visit the Distraction Resource Center
Visit the Fatigue Resource Center

Five more top tips for safe travels this Memorial Day weekend:

  1. Adhere to international, national and regional COVID-19 guidance regarding permitted travel purposes, including guidance pertaining to your intended destination.
  2. Check your vehicle thoroughly, especially if it hasn’t been used for a while. Checks should include fluid levels, lights, tires, brakes, battery and wiper blades. And, it might sound strange, but – if this is your first trip in quite a while – it’s worth checking places such as the wheel arches/fender for small animals that might have discovered the perfect place to shelter!
  3. Plan your trip in advance, taking hygiene and sanitation factors into account. Consider what you need to carry with you. e.g,. hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, etc. and whether there is somewhere safe along the route to take rest stops?
  4. Drive defensively – some drivers may not have been behind the wheel for several weeks or months, potentially leaving them with “rusty” skills.
  5. Never drive impaired, whether it be from alcohol, drugs or medication.