Over half (59%) of drivers in India have not taken a driving test while getting a license, according to a Save Life Foundation report.

Additionally, 42% of two-wheeler riders report not wearing a helmet and 63% of drivers say they don’t wear seat belts.

“In the last decade alone, India lost 1.3 million people to preventable road crashes and another 5.3 million have been left disabled for life,” the report states. “India has the highest number of road crash fatalities, with a crash occurring every minute and one death every four minutes. While it has just 1% of the world’s vehicles, India accounts for over 10% of global road crash fatalities – the highest in the world.

“Given the high mortality, morbidity and overall socio-economic impact of road crashes in India, issues surrounding road safety occupy the minds of the general public significantly. 86% of the respondents believe that the issue of road safety is very important. While overall, 80% of all road users feel unsafe on Indian roads, 82% of pedestrians feel unsafe while crossing the road or walking on the road.”

The report includes an overview of the licensing process in India, describing the mandatory driver training system as ‘non-existent’.

In other findings from the report, half (49%) of respondents say they have witnessed a fatal road crash. A third (31%) say a family member has been seriously injured in a road crash while 16% report a family member being killed in a crash.

SaveLIFE Foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to improving road safety and emergency medical care across India. It commissioned the 10-city survey to gauge public perception about road safety in the country.

View the report.