A new website offering safety and guidance tips for bikers has identified the UK’s most dangerous roads, based on incident hotspots.

Swinton Insurance and road safety charity IAM RoadSmart have created the website in advance of the summer riding season.

The charity has contributed guide content, offering practical advice on issues such as filtering, biking in seasonal weather conditions, as well as dealing with vulnerable road users. There are also top tips for riders ‘returning to the saddle’.

A panel of experienced motorcyclists have provided commentary for biking on some of the UK’s most dangerous roads. They have shared practical advice on issues such as tyre safety, handling a motorbike, and how to bike in tricky conditions. The bikers’ commentary also highlights key watch outs when biking on the most dangerous regional roads.

Rodney Kumar, spokesman for IAM RoadSmart, said: “We often find that while drivers and motorcyclists strive to be as safe as possible, some find it a challenge to understand exactly how to do so. And as time passes after our driving and riding tests, some of the simple tips we learnt to help stay safe can fade into the background. That’s why it’s so important to offer useful and easily digestible information on how to be a safer rider. We are excited to partner with Swinton to help spread the word about national motorcycle safety.”

Click here to view the free guides and interactive map showing the most dangerous regional roads across the UK and its regions.