Drivers in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, are reminded that school zones are back in force now that the fourth school term is underway.

Motorists should slow down to the reduced speed limit when entering a school zone or when they see lights flashing.

“Children are vulnerable, and we need to ensure we do everything possible to keep them safe on the road network,” said Tara McCarthy, Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment and Regulation.

At the end of July, the number of people caught speeding in school zones reached more than 150 percent above the pre-lockdown average. Offences dropped by 25 percent in August.

Between 2016 and 2020, two children were killed, 36 were seriously injured and another 75 were injured while walking in active school zones.

Every school in NSW has at least one set of flashing lights, with additional sets also installed outside many schools with multiple busy entrances.