Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is urging people to do the right thing and stop impaired friends from driving.

SGI has launched its “Be a Good Wingman” campaign to address Saskatchewan’s high rate of impaired driving incidents – the highest of all Canadian provinces and the leading cause of fatal collisions in the province. Preliminary numbers show 54 people were killed and 456 were injured in 1,085 crashes involving drugs or alcohol in 2016.

“Being a good wingman is really a call to action,” said Joe Hargrave, Minister Responsible for SGI. “When someone is impaired, their judgment is also impaired, so it is important to stop them if they are about to do something that could hurt themselves or others. If your impaired friend is about to drive, intervene. Offer to call a cab, a sober friend, or a safe ride service. Take away their keys and let them stay the night. Whatever you do, do not let them make the wrong choice and drive away if they are impaired.

“Let’s make this a province where it is never OK to drive impaired. Where we all expect that, if we are impaired and about to drive someone is going to stop us.”

The “Be a Good Wingman” campaign launch coincides with August’s Traffic Safety Spotlight on impaired driving. Throughout the month, police across the province will again be watching for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.