State-of-the-art road safety technology that could one day make it impossible for people to drink and drive has been unveiled in Victoria.

The Victorian Government will conduct research on a prototype vehicle fitted with passive alcohol sensor (PAS) technology that can automatically analyse a driver’s breath for alcohol.

The Transport Accident Commission, in partnership with the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) Research Program, from the U.S., has brought the technology to Victoria to develop plans for a fleet trial.

Drink driving has contributed to around 19 percent of fatalities on the state’s roads in the past five years.

The PAS technology detects alcohol in a driver’s breath when they first enter the vehicle, which is significantly different from existing ignition interlocks and breathalysers. The system is designed to take accurate readings in less than a second.

“We pride ourselves on being a leader in exploring emerging road safety technologies that can reduce injuries and save lives, like passive alcohol sensors,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety Ben Carroll.