North Wales Police have launched a new initiative in which members of the public are invited to submit ‘dash cam’ evidence of driving offences.

Operation Snap or #OpSnap has been launched by the force in response to the ever-increasing submissions of videos and photographic evidence from people who have witnessed dangerous behaviour on the road.

The police force has devised a new online form which enables members of the public to submit footage.

Chief Inspector Darren Wareing from North Wales Police’ Roads Policing Unit said: “If you have footage from a dash cam, your pedal cycle cam or any other source that you feel supports you as a witness to an alleged motoring offence, we want to hear from you.

“North Wales Police recognises that the vast majority of the public want to use the road network to get from A to B safely; and that they don’t wish to tolerate unnecessary risks that some are exposed to by the actions of others.

“Over recent months we have received footage capturing motoring offences including careless and dangerous driving, people on mobile telephones and people being distracted whilst using their smart devices behind the wheel.

“We also recognise that vulnerable road users – including cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders are now using cameras. We are seeing some awful very close passes and people pulling in and out of junctions putting cyclists in danger. We know that cyclists and horse riders come off worse when they are in collision with a car. Often the car driver has taken an unnecessary risk – or didn’t even see them! We will not tolerate this and wish to support all road users, including those who are most vulnerable, to have a safe journey.”

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