The National Safety Council (NSC) has updated an 80s pop tune in a new spin on the fight to end distracted driving.

In a new music video, “Everybody Just Drive Tonight” is sung to the tune of Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”.

The video uses a comedic edge to bring awareness to one of the leading causes of preventable death on the roads – distraction.

“With motor vehicle deaths increasing, NSC surveyed drivers to determine their behaviors and beliefs that may put all roadway users at risk and increase the likelihood of being involved in a crash,” stated the NSC. “Disturbingly, two-thirds of drivers have felt unsafe because of another driver’s distraction, but just 25 percent feel their own distractions have put themselves or others at risk, according to an NSC survey.

“The music video offers an empowering message to passengers – if you see something, say something. When it comes to ending preventable death on the roads, passengers can take measures to protect themselves by speaking up when their safety is in jeopardy.”

“Everybody Just Drive Tonight” can be downloaded via YouTube and accessed at