As the summer holidays continue in New Zealand, Transport for NSW and the NSW taxi industry have teamed up to further communicate the message that if you’re drinking, a taxi is a safe and reliable Plan B to get you home after a night out.

A Transport for NSW spokesman said an estimated 59 people lost their lives on NSW roads in 2016 as a result of drink driving, up from 45 in 2015.

“That’s an increase of 31 per cent and is the highest figure since 2011 when there were 70 alcohol related fatalities,” the spokesman said.

“It’s not good enough and we need to think about the harrowing effect that has on families and the community.

“Drink driving still remains one of the biggest killers on our roads, which is why we need people to have a Plan B to get home safely and help us to drive the road toll down Towards Zero.

“If you’re out celebrating or cheering on your favorite sports team this summer – and you’re having a few drinks – the safest thing to do is to ensure you have your Plan B sorted before you head out.

“Taxis are a great Plan B, and we’re pleased to be able to partner with the NSW Taxi Council and their drivers to ensure that we make every journey a safe one this summer.”

The advertising campaign has been rolled out on the backs of taxis and will run until 1 March 2017.