A study from an international insurance agency suggests 33 per cent of Canadians are the victims of road rage at least once a month.

State Farm says road rage can be anything from a dirty look or inappropriate language to giving a crude hand gesture and honking the horn.

The 2015 Driving Survey, in which Canadians rate their driving strengths and weaknesses, suggested most people keep their cool when dealing with ‘annoying’ drivers.

Forty-six-per-cent said they wouldn’t respond in anger to other people’s bad driving behaviour. Of those who would respond, 20 per cent said they’d honk their horn, around 11 per cent said they’d use inappropriate language in response, and nine per cent said they’d give a dirty look. Less than five per cent of respondents said they’d offer up a crude hand gesture.

When it came to driving behaviours that irritate, survey respondents said tailgating was the most annoying (30 per cent), followed by distracted driving (22 per cent), cutting people off (22 per cent), taking up two parking spots (11 per cent) and people driving with pets on their laps (seven per cent).