Parents setting a bad example by texting with teens in car

In a recent online survey of 2,000 teens preparing for their driving tests, 62.9 percent of teens reported that their parents are texting while driving with their teens in the car.

This is setting a potentially fatal example of driving behavior as 82 percent of responding teens reported they learn how to drive by observing their parents’ driving habits and 65.4 percent of responding teens reported that texting and driving is the worst habit facing teen drivers today.

The findings reinforce not only the need for parents to set a positive example and put their phone down while they drive, but to also understand the tremendous positive and negative impact their driving habits can have on their teen. Parents can place their phone in a glove box before driving, or place their phone on silent and out of reach in the car to set a positive example for their teen.

“We want to help teens become safer drivers and help parents understand their role in the process,” said Andrei Zakhareuski, Founder of which carried out the survey. “We are passionate about the need for and the importance of high quality online driver education to help lower the number of teen driver related crashes, injuries and fatalities.”