A petition has been launched calling on the British Government to introduce road user education into the National Curriculum.

Petition calls for road user education to be included on National Curriculum
Police Inspector: David Barf

Introduce road user education into the national curriculum.

The petition has been created by David Barf, a roads policing inspector with North Yorkshire Police, who hopes to raise awareness of the issue so that it appears firmly on the Government radar.

Road Safety GB – a national road safety organisation – is supporting the petition.

Honor Byford, chair of Road Safety GB, said: “The sentiment in David’s petition is fully supported by Road Safety GB.

“Road safety professionals constantly strive to provide road user education in their local schools and colleges and parents tell us this is what they want for their children. But this offer is frequently declined for any number of reasons including restricted curriculum time, competing offers and on occasion a lack of interest from teaching staff.

“Defined minimum outcomes – the things a child should know by the end of each key stage – in every child’s education would ensure that all young people are taught what they need to know when they need to know it, so they can travel safely and develop their independence appropriate to their age and development. We would include Bikeability training within this curriculum.

“I would urge all practitioners to read and sign this petition as soon as they can, then please share it with your various partnerships, with parents and other organisations you are connected with for their support.”