Driving for Work is the theme of this year’s Project EDWARD.

Having started in 2016 as European Day Without a Road Death, Project EDWARD has evolved for 2020 into EVERY Day Without a Road Death.

The campaign is being delivered in association with police forces across the UK as well as Highways England through their Driving for Better Business Campaign, the Association of Road Risk Management (ARRM) and the charity TyreSafe.

Project EDWARD will also support the One Road, One Week campaign of police enforcement activity to be held 14–18 September.

During the same dates, a Project EDWARD “Road Trip” will take place, visiting locations across the country to deliver videos, tips and information on all aspects of driving for work. The content will be aimed at both drivers and managers. A live webinar and panel discussion will both take place on Monday 14 September.

Read more on the Project EDWARD website.