A momentary lapse in concentration behind the wheel can change your life forever – that’s the message to drivers in Western Australia (WA) as part of a new campaign.

Minister for Police and Road Safety, Michelle Roberts, along with the Road Safety Commissioner, Adrian Warner, launched the new initiative “The Life Toll”, featuring the stories of drivers who have sustained life-altering injuries due to making a simple mistake on the road.

Minister Roberts says she hopes the stories will make people pause for a moment and be more patient, tolerant and courteous to other road users.

The launch of the campaign coincides with the official kick-off of WA Police’s double demerit point traffic blitz, with extra police out on the roads during the holiday period.

“There will be a strong enforcement presence on our roads during this holiday season,” said Minister Roberts.

“We will have targeted police operations to get those people who are speeding, who are drink or drug driving or who are doing the wrong thing.

“Double demerit points act as a reminder for all road users to do the right thing – its double demerits not double the fines because this is about road safety,” she said.

Double demerits are in force until Sunday 3 January 2021.

Further information on the new campaign can be found on the Road Safety Commission website.