One in four drivers and passengers killed on Irish roads in 2020 were not wearing a seat belt, according to new data.

Now the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) have teamed up for a new social media campaign reminding people to buckle up when travelling in vehicles.

The initiative is part of an ongoing collaboration between the RSA and GPA to help reduce deaths and serious injuries on Irish roads.

The online campaign will see one intercounty GPA player from every county in Ireland post the image of a black ribbon on their social media, a seat belt strap reworked into a remembrance ribbon shape alongside the words ‘Never Forget’.

“Not wearing a seat belt isn’t just dangerous but selfish too,” said Sam Waide, CEO, Road Safety Authority.

“Failing to put on your seatbelt doesn’t just increase the likelihood that you could be killed or seriously injured in the event of a collision. It could also turn you into a killer. Not being restrained in the rear seat of a car means that in the event of a collision, you will be thrown around the vehicle at extremely high force, doing serious injury both to yourself and potentially to others in the car.”

The second and third phases of the RSA/GPA collaboration will take place later this year, creating awareness of the dangers of speed and driving under the influence.