The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has mapped out 24 scenic locations on route to and from Victoria’s ski fields to help people plan their trip around taking rest stops and arriving safely.

The TAC chose these locations as part of its new Breakpoint campaign, which encourages drivers to take a break when driving long distances to the mountains.

“Huge numbers of people embark on road trips to and from Victoria’s ski resorts each season and if you’re traveling long distances it’s important to take regular breaks,” said TAC Road Safety Manager Samantha Buckis. “Victoria is a beautiful part of the world so it makes sense to treat the road trip as the first part of your ski holiday by stopping to see the attractions along the way.”

The TAC encourages anyone travelling to and from the snow to visit the Breakpoint website and TAC Instagram account before they leave home to help plan their journey.

For more information about Breakpoint visit