The annual National Safety Month campaign kicks off on June 1. This year’s theme, No One Gets Hurt, is intended to help people understand that doing just one small thing – wearing a seat belt, wiping up a spill, taking a First Aid class, or attending a car seat check, for example – can mitigate significant risks

Run by the National Safety Council throughout June, week four of the campaign is dedicated to safe driving. That makes it an ideal opportunity for driver managers to encourage employees to do “one small thing” to ensure their safety – and the safety of others – while on the road.

Here are five simple tips to help driver managers engage employees in the campaign.

  1. Download and distribute the National Safety Month campaign materials. These include a poster, tip sheets and more to help spread safety messages within the workplace.
  2. Host a National Safety Month competition. Why not encourage employees to do as many “small things” as possible during safe driving week, with a prize for the one who does the most?
  3. Write an email newsletter or blog post about National Safety Month, with safety tips, that employees can share with family and friends.
  4. Review your own company policies and safety procedures, checking that all employees have signed a safe driving pledge. You could consider creating a version that employees can take home for their families and give prizes to people who obtain the most pledges.
  5. Encourage drivers to think about their attitudes and behaviors during National Safety Month, particularly during safe driving week. A short online course is a simple and effective way to do this.

For more ways to engage drivers and reduce risk, download our free 10 Best Practices to Decrease Driver Risk guide.