Top ten nicknames for cars revealed

A recent RACQ study has revealed that almost half of surveyed drivers aged 16 to 24 admitted to naming their cars, with women most likely to personalise their ride.

“Many people have a special connection to their car, especially their first one. So we’re not surprised many drivers give them a nickname,” said Lauren Ritchie from RACQ, Queensland’s largest automobile club.

“Some of the results are quite creative but many of the nicknames are inspired by the car itself, particularly the colour or model.

“One of the most frequently named cars is the Hyundai Getz. That’s not all that surprising though, with the Getz being a very common car for first-time drivers.”

Ms Ritchie encouraged drivers who loved their cars to treat them with respect.

“If you love your car enough to name it, make sure you care enough to keep it clean, regularly serviced and topped up with fuel.”

The top 10 nicknames younger driver gave their cars were:

  1. Kermit
  2. The Beast
  3. Betty
  4. Getsy
  5. Rosie
  6. Suzy
  7. Bluey
  8. Bubble
  9. Bumblebee
  10. Dory