Motorists who haven’t driven for a while due to lockdown are being advised to check their car is safe before travelling.

Highways England is advising motorists to carry out five simple vehicle checks to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy: tyres, oil, screenwash, lights and fuel.

“Even though we should be minimising travel following the latest government advice, if you haven’t driven for a while due to lockdown, you might feel a bit strange getting back behind the wheel,” said Dave Harford, Highways England Traffic Officer.

“Checking your tyres, oil, screenwash, lights and fuel doesn’t take long – but it will help keep you and your loved ones safe.”

To help people understand what to do in the event of an unexpected vehicle breakdown, Highways England recently launched a multi-million-pound public information drive, giving motorists clear advice about what to do in an emergency.

The Go Left campaign, which has been backed by leading road safety organisations, advises drivers who experience a problem with their vehicle is to leave the motorway if possible. But if that is not possible, Highways England recommends that drivers should go left, get safe and get help.

More information about what to do in a breakdown is available on the Highways England website.