A new virtual driving website has been launched by the AA to help better prepare tourists for driving in New Zealand.

The AA Visiting Drivers Training Programme will allow visitors to see real-world examples of New Zealand’s different driving environments and road rules well before actually getting behind the wheel there.

On the site users will be able to go through 15 different driving scenarios that have been filmed on roads that many tourists experience like around Queenstown and Auckland airport. Each scenario will require the user to answer a question about how to drive safely in New Zealand.

“The types of roads and conditions we have in New Zealand can be different from what visitors from overseas have driven in before,” said AA Driving School General Manager Nigel Clark.

“The AA Visiting Drivers Training Programme is a way that tourists can not only make sure they understand our road rules but also get a feel for the environments we have here.

“The AA wants this programme to help visitors be better prepared for driving here and to help make our roads safer for everyone.”

The programme received input from New Zealand’s leading driver training expert, Associate Professor Robert Isler of the University of Waikato while his daughter, Nadine Isler, an experienced online training creator, managed the project.