Caravan sales are at an all-time high in Western Australia (WA) and drivers pulling them are being reminded to follow safe towing practices.

The Caravan Industry Association of Western Australia says sales have “peaked significantly” in the last few months, due largely to border closures and the increase in intrastate travel.

The Road Safety Commission says travelling with a caravan, camper trailer or boat often requires a different type of driving.

“There are a lot of people out there with a lack of safe towing knowledge and we know heavy and poorly secured loads can result in crashes and rollovers on our roads,” said Road Safety Commissioner, Adrian Warner.

“I urge all road users who are towing a load this holiday period to ensure they are adhering to safe towing practices.

“In particular, I encourage any new caravan or camper trailer owners to undergo training in safe towing to ensure you are meeting all the necessary requirements.”

The Commission has issued the following road safety tips for towers:

  • Be sure you know the legal load limit for your vehicle and your load is well secured.
  • Add 200kg to the weight shown on the vehicle licence paper to allow for bedding, travelling gear, stores and equipment.
  • The legal speed limit outside a built-up area, unless otherwise signposted, for a vehicle towing a load is 100 km/h.
  • Vehicles towing a caravan or trailer must drive at least 60 metres behind heavy vehicles or other towing vehicles, unless overtaking.

More information is available on the Road Safety Commission website.