The public of Western Australia are urged to have their say on the future of motorcycle safety.

The State Government has launched the Motorcycle Safety Reforms Consultation Paper with a range of suggestions to improve safety for motorcyclists. The suggestions relate to:

  • Clarity regarding the practices of motorcycle lane filtering and splitting
  • Enhancing licensing and testing requirements by including a minimum learner’s permit tenure period, a pre-licence motorcycle hazard perception test, a restricted licence phase on R-E class motorcycles and increasing the rigour of assessments

“The number of people in Western Australia choosing to use a motorcycle as their means of transport has more than doubled since 2008, more than any other state,” said Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron. “Motorcycle riders continue to be over-represented in serious crashes on our roads, and these proposed reforms are aimed at improving their safety.”

Read the Motorcycle Safety Reforms Consultation Paper on the Road Safety Commission website at