Western Australia’s Road Safety Commissioner, Adrian Warner, is urging drivers to take care as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The WA Government has relaxed intra-state travel rules, social distancing requirements and allow in-house dining (with caveats) from Monday 18 May.

Schools are officially “back” and it’s expected that thousands of people throughout the State have returned to their workplaces after stints of working from home.

There is likely to be more traffic, more cyclists, more commuters and more pedestrians – especially around school zones – than has been seen on WA roads for weeks.

“This move towards regaining our ‘normal’ lives is great news, but I want to urge all road users to be especially careful now that our roads will be much busier,’’ said Warner.

“Please be patient and courteous to all road users and concentrate on what you’re doing when behind the wheel. Don’t be distracted, especially around school zones.

“It would be horrible to see road crashes and injuries because people aren’t paying attention or are ignoring road rules, not driving to the conditions or getting behind the wheel when fatigued.

“Even though the travel rules have been relaxed it doesn’t mean you can just head out anywhere across the State; you can only travel between adjoining regions,’’ he added.

“And remember: Courteous driving is not only practicing safe driving it puts a smile on our faces – and that has to be a good thing.”