Mentor Insight

Privacy-first driver risk management

This tailored version of our award-winning Mentor smartphone app does NOT incorporate telematics data, but still delivers many of the most powerful tools in digital driver risk management, including risk assessment, predictive driver scoring, eLearning, manager coaching, and gamification. All within a data-secure environment that protects driver privacy every step of the way.


Only What You Need

From our experience working with many of the world’s largest fleets, we recognise that the introduction of telematics to evaluate driving behaviour can sometimes pose concern among drivers and their work councils. So, we’ve derived a custom version that does NOT depend on telematics to deliver comprehensive risk insights. It includes

  • Driver Risk Scoring: All drivers receive a DriverINDEX®Score, which combines collision, incident, and licence check data, plus optionally, RoadRISK® results in one driver score, facilitating benchmarking and identification of an organisation’s most at-risk drivers for training and coaching.
  • In-app training. In addition to identifying and reporting on risky behaviour, Mentor helps remediate it by providing engaging, interactive eLearning modules (3-5 mins.) delivered directly in the app.
  • Coaching toolkit. Easy-to-use templates to help managers coach their at-risk drivers to safer behaviour behind the wheel. Unique formats for monthly, annual, and post-collision coaching sessions.

  • Gamification. Promotes friendly competition and ongoing safety-focused communication by enabling users to set up groups in which they can see fellow team members’ progress/scores, and use emojis and chat functionality to send motivational messages.
  • Crash-Free Culture®. eDriving’s patented, award-winning, five-stage programme for driver risk management used by sales, service, delivery, and warehouse fleets throughout the world to help build a safety-focused work environment that supports lasting behavioural change.

  • Privacy-centric, data-secure environment. Mentor INSIGHT eliminates privacy concerns around the use of telematics allowing eDriving customers to focus on their key safety mission objectives, while fully respecting a driver’s right to privacy.


Unmatched professional services & support

When you partner with eDriving, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide you through the implementation and training process and ensure you and your insured customers are prepared to get the most out of Mentor Insight right from the start. Ongoing technical support is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week! You will also have access to custom analytics/reporting support and a complimentary resource library with extensive content designed to help your customers maintain focus on safety as a corporate priority.

eDriving continually strives to meet clients’ increasingly complex business demands. Our extensive services include support for managers, drivers, and business/programme leaders spanning Dedicated Customer Success Team, SWAT Implementation Team (elite “special ops” team), Data Analytics/Reporting Support, 24/5 Tech Support, 360 Digital Road Safety Magazine, and a complimentary resource library with extensive content designed to help customers maintain focus on safety as a corporate priority.

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