Research-validated predictive driver risk assessment

Proven through 4 large-scale research studies and borne out by over 1,000,000 drivers around the globe.

66% of unsafe drivers who were assessed by on-road evaluations self-rated themselves as good drivers.1 Are you willing to trust self-reporting to manage driver risk? With approximately 1.35 million people dying each year from road crashes2 and work-related motor vehicle crashes costing employers upwards of $56.7 billion per year3, you can’t afford to be reactive. Proactively assess your drivers and prioritize risk using RoadRISK.

How it Works

  1. RoadRISK first establishes a thorough Risk Profile based on personal information drivers supply including:
    • Driver Detail: Health, personality, type of professional driving, age, experience, tenure with company, driving habits, training completed, collision history, speeding violations, and more.
    • Vehicle Detail: Company vs. personal car, service record, mileage, age of vehicle, maintenance history, safety features, and more.
    • Trip Detail: Hours spent driving professionally & personally, types of roads and vehicles driven, work hours, schedule, miles driven, and more.
  2. Because 94% of collisions and incidents are caused by driver actions, RoadRISK includes a critical, proven research-based psychometric Defensive Driver Assessment with sections assessing driver Attitude, Behavior, and Knowledge. The “Hazards” section uses full motion video exercises to test drivers’ ability to spot hazards in time to react properly.
  3. Based on the extensive input collected, drivers are classified as High-, Medium-, or Low-risk, allowing managers to quickly identify those 20% of drivers generally comprising 80% of an organization’s risk, and provide appropriate support through training and coaching


The Proven Science Behind RoadRISK

Groundbreaking evaluation research studies undertaken in 2003 and 2004 by university research teams in the UK showed clear statistical links between drivers’ performance on the RoadRISK assessment and reported collision outcomes. These studies confirmed RoadRISK’s ability to accurately predict a driver’s risk and the related likelihood of incurring a collision.

To date, these remain the only large-scale driver risk assessment validation studies of their kind – conducted by applied university-level research experts with up to 26,000 participants at a time.

The graph below, based on the 26,000-driver study, shows the clear relationship between driver collisions over the previous three years and assessment outcomes on each section of RoadRISK.

Since these original studies, additional evaluations have continued to validate RoadRISK’s effectiveness. Below are results for a group of commercial and company car drivers employed by a large logistics and express delivery operator.


1Science Direct, Oct 2020
2World Health Organization, Feb 2020
3MOTUS 2018 Driver Safety Risk Report

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