Crash-Free Culture® Program

Award-winning risk management for Sales, Service, Delivery and Warehouse

eDriving’s patented methodology includes five components that operate in a holistic, synergistic manner in 45 languages across 125 countries. Crash-Free Culture and its companion platform, Virtual Risk Manager® (VRM), comprise the most globally respected and validated comprehensive driver* risk management solution available. The result is a solution unmatched in its depth, breadth, efficacy and proven ROI.

How It Works


Safety Culture

The central tenet of eDriving’s systematic approach

  • Establishes executive leadership commitment to safety as priority
  • Utilizes customized company/fleet safety policy with driver pledge
  • Employs customized assessment of fleet policies and standards


Research-validated predictive risk assessment tool

  • Captures driver history, license violations, defensive driving knowledge, attitudes, behaviors
  • Provides risk exposure analysis, driver risk classification and ranking, and best practice information
  • Validated through 4 large-scale university research studies with up to 36,000 participants


All-in-one driver performance management system

  • Integrates the most comprehensive set of fleet driver performance data into ONE SYSTEM
  • Provides an unparalleled view of total risk across an organization
  • Facilitates proactive risk management for your most at-risk drivers
  • Provides one-on-one coaching and early intervention support for managers


Early intervention support with online training & coaching for managers and drivers

  • Subject-specific courses, guides and tools
  • Targeted courses for 2-wheelers, cars, vans, trucks, and powered industrial vehicles (PIV)
  • 3 scripted coaching templates to help managers guide important coaching conversations with drivers. Watch this video to learn more.


Benchmarking Analytics

Turn risky driving around and evaluate driver performance

  • Review crashes, injuries & incidents per mile
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly reporting
  • Industry-, organization-, and department-wide benchmarks


* References to ‘driver(s)’ apply to drivers of cars, trucks, and vans; riders of motorcycles and two-wheelers; and operators of powered industrial vehicles (PIVs).

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