The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research shows that a “learn as you go” approach still leaves gaps in understanding when compared to another group of drivers who had a strong grasp of the technology, partially due to a brief intensive hands-on training session.

Practice doesn’t make perfect with new vehicle technology

Owners of new vehicles with driving assistance technology may understand it better after six months of use, but the depth of their knowledge is...


As the weather gets warmer, more people will be traveling Minnesota roads for vacation fun, family road trips and outdoor activities.

High intensity patrols to target deadliest driving behaviors, launches in Minnesota

The Minnesota State Patrol has announced the start of high intensity patrols focusing on the deadliest traffic violations. As the weather gets warmer, more people...



The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released a new report that analyzes the environmental impacts of zero-emission trucks (ZET).

New report highlights ‘marginal environmental benefits’ of zero-emission trucks

Zero-emission trucks only have a 30 percent decrease in CO2 emissions when compared to a standard diesel truck, according to a new study. The American...
The campaign, aimed at increasing public safety and awareness around rail level crossings in the metropolitan area, had previously only happened in regional New South Wales.

Police operation aims to increase safety around rail level crossings in...

A police operation to ensure drivers obey the rules at level crossings has been held for the first time in Sydney. The campaign, aimed at...
Consumer Protection invited more than 6,000 stakeholders to engage in consultation on reforms for the industry, which received 37 formal submissions and more than 400 survey responses from industry participants, consumers, insurers and government agencies.

Plans announced for reform of tow truck industry in Western Australia

The tow truck industry in Western Australia (WA) is being reformed to protect people involved in traffic collisions and combat bad behaviour and price...