Thatcham Research has outlined the risks to UK drivers in a new Assisted and Automated Driving Definition and Assessment paper

Report: drivers could be put in danger by misleading ‘automated’ technology...

Use of the word “autonomous” in carmaker marketing and literature is lulling drivers into a false sense of security, according to automotive research centre...
Of the top 100 selling vehicles available in Australia at March 2018, 37 models offered AEB as standard. AEB was not offered in any form on 35 models.

Standard fitment of AEB increases ten-fold in Australia over two years

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has revealed a ten-fold increase in the standard fitment of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) in just over...
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Virginia Williams, eLearning Content & Experience Lead at eDriving, talks about some of the reasons why teens are at risk on the road and offers best practice advice to help all drivers stay safe on the roads this summer season.

Summer driving: why all drivers need to be aware of 100...

“You never really know the drivers around you and have to anticipate for the unknown, like another driver swerving last minute or stopping abruptly.”...
“Managers should try to frame changes to policies as positively as they can.” That’s the best way of discouraging employee drivers from using phones at the wheel, according to Brittany Shoots-Reinhard.

Five ways to encourage employees not to drive distracted

“Managers should try to frame changes to policies as positively as they can.” That’s the best way of encouraging employee drivers to resist using phones at...


Assess how effective your current organizational safety measures are at reducing driver risk, and receive best practice advice about driver license checks, risk assessment and driver training with eDriving’s free Fleet Safety Program Assessment.

Who am I hiring? Tips for recruiting safe drivers

A safe fleet starts with an employee who has the right attitude towards safe driving. And that’s why the recruitment process is so important...