The guidance is based on recommendations from the SAFER task force and incorporates 10 universal actions for employers to consider before reopening. It is accompanied by a series of playbooks with in-depth recommendations for doing so safely.

NSC releases workplace guidance for employers

The National Safety Council (NSC) has released guidance for employers to help them prioritize safety during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance is...

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Teen safety features, including parents being able to limit the speed of their child’s vehicle, keep track of its whereabouts or prevent it from being put in gear if the driver hasn’t buckled are all available, but the research reveals that often parents are unaware of them.

Car dealers urged to make teen safety systems a selling point

Many vehicles today have features that give parents extra control over their teens’ driving, but salespeople often require prompting before they mention them to...


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) says that to May 7 this year there have been 26 motorcyclist fatalities in the state, five more than the same time last year.

Motorcyclist deaths up by 24 percent in Colorado

Coinciding with Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, Colorado has unveiled new data showing that motorcyclist deaths in the state have increased by 24 percent compared...


With the UK Government lifting restrictions and encouraging those who can’t work from home to return to work, Highways England says drivers should check tyres, engine oil, water, lights and fuel levels before setting out on any journeys.

Basic vehicle-check tips for returning drivers

Drivers in England are being urged to carry out a five-point check on their vehicles if they are using them for the first time...
The “social distancing in vehicles” advice applies to those who usually travel with colleagues for work purposes.

Social distancing when travelling with colleagues

The UK Government has published guidance to help those who drive for work maintain social distancing where possible. The “social distancing in vehicles” advice...
Before a driver or delivery person can go online, they will be asked to confirm, via a new Go Online Checklist, that they’ve taken certain safety measures and are wearing a mask or face cover. The new technology will verify if the driver is wearing a mask by asking them to take a selfie. After the driver has been verified as wearing a mask, the rider will be informed via an in-app message.

Face masks compulsory for Uber drivers and riders

As cities reopen and people start moving again, Uber has launched new safety features: Go Online Checklist and Mask Verification. Before a driver or delivery...