The document, Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Safety of Modern Vehicles, is an update to its 2016 edition.

NHTSA updates cybersecurity best practices for new vehicles

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released updated guidance to the automotive industry for improving vehicle cybersecurity for...




Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Sam Farraway, said the new system would help operators and drivers carry out their work safely.

New system to help improve heavy vehicle safety

Registered heavy vehicle operators in New South Wales (NSW) can now access their drivers' demerit points balance, as long as they have their consent. Minister...
Chairman of the Association, Paul Hollick, said feedback from across its membership showed that serious problems were persisting and causing increasing operational disruption.

New car supply issues ‘worsening’ for some fleets

The new car supply situation for some fleets is worsening and remains extremely patchy for almost all, according to the Association of Fleet Professionals...
Paul Hollick, chair at the industry body, said that there was often an assumption that drivers would just know how to use their domestic charger – one that was frequently proven wrong.

Call for more practical advice to help fleet drivers get the...

Company car and van drivers need to be given practical advice on home charging, according to the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP). Paul Hollick, chair...